Okay, I'm not doing the third person thing here...
I'm a creative writer with a background in journalism, lyricism, arts and entertainment. I’ve been working in the creative industries close to 25 years.
I'm a tone of voice specialist, able to distil information into a witty one-liner, or a few pages of enjoyable dialogue. My expertise is making the complicated simple. I'll take complex, business gobbledegook and turn it into something that resonates with the laymanmaybe raising a chuckle or two in the process.
I've crafted copy for some of the biggest and smallest companies on the planet and penned scripts for dozens of projects and productions. These include campaigns for Coca-Cola; IBM; GSK; Samsung; Universal; The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee; Diageo World Class; Wella TrendVision and a shedload of independents.
I'm a devoted dad and surfer, inspired by travel, books and the great outdoors.
Me, me, me, me, me...
I'm not sure I like 'About' pages. But thanks for stopping by, sincerely.
"A writer writes, always." — Larry Donner
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