I've been working with TOMO Events since its inception.
We've been producing a series of events for Wines of Argentinamost recently, Barullowhich showcase the majestic aesthetic of the country's winemaking regions, their innovative wineries and of course, the wine itself.
The initial event in 2017, staged in London, was for consumers. This was followed by three trade events in 2018: the Barullo Sessions. The two audiences required different approaches.
Being part of the strategy and creative process from the outset, I've helped to develop tone of voice, copy and content across several touchpoints, before, during and after the eventsonline and offline, social, press releases, invitations, flyers, murals and signage.
Highlights have included a digital vineyard, with 'mountain' cuisine and cutting-edge DJswine tasting for the modern age.
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